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Hanamaki Restaurant Guide


One of the joys of travel is to eat the delicious food that is unique to the region.
Hanamaki City in Iwate Prefecture, located in the northeastern region of Japan, is a major producer of rice, as well as vegetables and fruit trees.
It is also blessed with nationally popular branded pork and wagyu beef, as well as mountain products such as river fish, wild vegetables and mushrooms.
It is also a town where the best ingredients from all over the prefecture arrive.
These rich ingredients can be tasted in the city's restaurants.
Deliciousness is also an important part of hospitality in Hanamaki, which has welcomed many guests due to its many hot springs and tourist attractions.
You will be satisfied with the taste of Hanamaki, which brings out the best of the ingredients with originality and ingenuity.
Here are some recommended restaurants in Hanamaki with recommended menus.

Hanamaki's signature dish, "Wanko soba

Wanko soba is a traditional local dish that originated in Hanamaki and is well known in Japan.
It is a dish for entertaining guests, with bites of soba served in your bowl one after another, with condiments of your choice, and served until you are full and close the lid on your bowl.
Basically, it is unlimited time, all-you-can-eat, but it is not a way of eating that encourages gluttony or fast eating, but it is a "local cuisine of hospitality" where you can eat slowly and deliciously at your own pace.
Every year on February 11, the Wankoaba All Japan Tournament is held to see how many cups can be eaten within the five-minute time limit, with 258 cups being the highest number of cups ever.
The wanko soba can be experienced at several restaurants in Hanamaki City.
Advance booking is required to experience wanko soba.
Why not experience wanko soba, a unique local cuisine and popular among domestic and international tourists?

The store where wanko soba is eaten

  • Yabuya
    Recommended Menu
    Wanko soba
    3,300 yen

    Established in 1923, the long-established buckwheat noodles restaurant is popular with many tourists


    Open/ 11:00-20:00
    Closed/ Monday
    Checkout/ credit card accepted

  • Kajiya
    Recommended Menu
    Wanko soba
    3,500 yen

    The birthplace of the annual Wanko soba tournament. It is characterized by the traditional style of counting cups with a matchstick.


    Open/ 11:00-15:00、17:00-21:00
    Closed/ Wednesday
    Checkout/ no credit card accepted

  • Kinkontei
    Recommended Menu
    Wanko soba
    2,970 yen

    In addition to the regular wanko soba, you can experience a limited number of 24 cups of "experience wanko soba".


    Open/ 11:00-13:00
    Closed/ Irregularity
    Checkout/ credit card accepted

  • Restaurant Yamanekoken Station Store
    Recommended Menu
    Wanko soba
    1,800 yen

    Includes 12 bowls of wanko soba. You can taste various flavors of soba at your own pace with the same condiments as the regular wanko soba.

    Restaurant Yamanekoken Station Store

    Open/ 10:00-18:00
    Closed/ Year-end and New Year
    Checkout/ no credit card accepted

Recommended stores in the area around Hanamaki Station

  • Lit work place
    Recommended Menu
    Pica's craft beer stew
    850 yen

    Pork belly cartilage simmered in homemade craft beer until tender. Enjoy pairing with our own brewed beer.

    Lit work place

    Open/ 17:00-24:00
    Closed/ Tuesday
    Checkout/ credit card accepted

  • Badalone

    A restaurant run by a husband-and-wife team with a chef and a sommelier. The cuisine is Italian-based, utilizing the wonderful ingredients of Iwate and Hanamaki. Reservations are required for both lunch and dinner.


    Open/ Lunch11:30- Dinner17:30-
    Closed/ Irregularity
    Checkout/ credit card accepted

  • Le Aube
    Recommended Menu
    Japanese, Western and
    Chinese Lunch Set
    1,200 yen

    A wide range of Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes are available. The lunch menu changes weekly, using local ingredients and seasonal vegetables.

    Le Aube

    Open/ 11:00-14:00,17:30-20:30
    Closed/ Irregularity
    Checkout/ credit card accepted

  • Legame dall' orto
    Recommended Menu
    Hanamaki black beef ragout
    with hand-rolled pappardelle
    1,500 yen

    A dish of Hanamaki's branded black beef, slow-cooked with plenty of vegetables and red wine, tangled with hand-made pasta.

    Legame dall' orto

    Closed/Sunday,Monday's lunch
    Checkout/credit card accepted

  • Marukan
    Recommended Menu
    Hamburg steak curry
    830 yen

    Large handmade hamburg steak and curry are a great collaboration. The sweetness of the juicy gravy and the richness of the curry adds depth of flavor.


    Open/ Weekdays 11:00-15:30 Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11:00-18:30
    Closed/ Wednesday
    Checkout/ no credit card accepted

    Recommended Menu
    Roast beef bowl
    1,000 yen

    A bowl of roast beef topped with plenty of low-temperature, slow-cooked red meat. It is also recommended to enjoy it with yogurt sauce for a refreshing taste.


    Open/ 12:00-23:00
    Closed/ Tuesday
    Checkout/ no credit card accepted

  • Genkiya
    Recommended Menu
    Hakkinton pork loin cutlet
    set meal
    1,390 yen

    You can enjoy Hanamaki's brand-name pork Hakkinton and other ingredients from Iwate. At lunch time, the restaurant offers affordable set meals.


    Open/ 11:00-14:00,17:00-23:30
    Closed/ 1st, 3rd Monday
    Checkout/ credit card accepted

  • Modern Chinese Ren
    Recommended Menu
    Monthly Lunch Set
    1,100 yen

    Authentic Chinese food arranged in a Western style. The monthly lunch set that changes monthly and incorporates plenty of local ingredients is popular. The dessert made of Hanamaki's fruits is also recommended.

    Modern Chinese Ren

    Open/ 11:30-14:00,17:00-20:00
    Closed/ Sunday, 2nd and 4th Wednesday
    Checkout/ credit card accepted

Recommended stores in the area around Shin Hanamaki Station

  • Nametokoyama
    Recommended Menu
    Seasonal Vegetable Tempura
    1,700 yen

    The fragrant, 100 percent buckwheat noodles are handmade with homemade buckwheat flour from the Tohoku region. You can enjoy the bounty of the mountain, including spring wild vegetables and summer vegetables in tempura.


    Open/ 11:00-14:00
    Closed/ Tuesday and Wednesday
    Checkout/ no credit cards accepted

  • Yamanekoken Honten
    Recommended Menu
    Ihatov set meal
    1,650 yen

    Hanamaki's brand-name pork, Hakkinton cubes, suiton, tempura, etc. are well worth eating. You can enjoy local food here.

    Yamanekoken Honten

    Open/ 10:00-17:00
    Closed/ New Year's Day
    Checkout / no credit cards accepted

  • Cafe Restaurant Cabin
    Recommended Menu
    Wasabi cold noodles
    968 yen

    A new type of cold noodle that is eaten while dissolving a little wasabi in the soup. This cold noodle is accented with the sourness of Iwate horseradish and lemon.

    Cafe Restaurant Cabin

    Open/ 10:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00
    Closed/ Wednesday
    Checkout/ no credit cards accepted

  • Mountain Hut Café kurakake

    The lunch menu (780 yen and up), which changes according to the season, includes five items such as barbecue taco rice and a mountain of summer vegetable curry. The lunch is excellent in a location surrounded by nature.

    Mountain Hut Café kurakake

    Open/ 11:00-17:00
    Closed/ Monday, Tuesday
    Checkout/ no credit cards accepted

Other Recommended Stores

  • Other Recommended Stores
    Recommended Menu
    sauteed pork with
    1,100 yen

    Hanamaki's brand-name pork, Hakkinton, is directly managed by the farm. From popular hamburgers to sweets, everything is handmade with Hanamaki ingredients.

    Other Recommended Stores

    Open/ 11:00-21:30
    Closed/ Tuesday
    Checkout/ credit card accepted

  • Sobe's Café
    Recommended Menu
    Rhythm of the Moon Plate
    1,100 yen

    It is made with 100% plant-based ingredients, with no animal ingredients. Also, no chemical seasonings are used, and the food is popular for its gentleness to the mind and body.

    Sobe's Café

    Opening hours/ 11:30-18:00
    Closed/ Monday
    Checkout/ credit card accepted